Yoga Conference

Luminary, evolutionary yoga teacher and storyteller, Sianna Sherman has taught yoga for more than 20 years passionately and globally. She is known for her spirited and soulful teaching, which catches fire inside the heart. Her degrees in biology and nutrition--along with her many years as a body worker and her capacity to touch the human heart through story, ritual, and devotional practice--converge into a unique blend of scientist, mystic, artist, and yogini. Her dedication to hatha-based traditions since 1990 and the lineages of Tantra influence her multifaceted approach of alignment-infused vinyasa with yoga anatomy, therapeutics, mythology, mantra, meditation, and the power of the practices for everyday transformation. She is the author of the CD Mythic Yoga Flow: Stories for Your Life and the DVD Pranam. Sianna is featured at festivals, at conferences and on online social media throughout the world. She is a contributor to Yoga Journal, Origin, Elephant Journal, and the Daily Love. Learn more at .