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Eric Monkhouse is a pioneering vinyasa flow teacher and conscious dance-floor DJ from the United Kingdom, now residing in the Bay Area. Valuing the incredible power of sound, he weaves live instruments, including the didgeridoo, tabla, and harmonium, into his pulsating classes and DJ sets. The essence of his practice is to use any means necessary (often spontaneous shaking, dancing, and voice) to dissolve the rigid, protective armoring that so often inhibits the full spectrum of feelings. With infectious humor and enthusiasm, he guides students through intelligently sequenced postures and movements while integrating the lenses of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. Learn more at

JUST ADDED: Power Vinyasa Flow for Athletes
Susan Hauser & DJ Eric Monkhouse - Course ID: EVHAUS

Friday, January 16 — 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Friday Evening Classes
Mixed Levels

yogatreeExperience an energetic vinyasa flow with a sequence that includes alignment and breathing cues. Susan will set the stage to jump start your Friday night with a fun, upbeat, and electric class paired to music that will keep you going! As a former collegiate swimmer, Susan's class is geared toward men, athletes, and teens, yet all levels of yoga practitioners will receive the benefits of this practice. Many of her students claim that the amazing workout - consisting of a series of challenging yoga poses set to incredibly motivating music - is the main draw, along with Susan's positive, supportive and effervescent style.

Mostly asana.