Yoga Conference

Legendary yogi Sri Dharma Mittra, now 75 years young, founded one of the early independent, and longest-running schools of yoga in New York City in 1975. Known as "The Teacher's Teacher," and "The Rock of Yoga," he has taught hundreds of thousands of students over a half century and created more than 300 popular yoga postures and variations. Sri Dharma Mittra is the author of The Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures, ASANAS: 608 Yoga Poses, and the Maha Sadhana DVD series. He continues to disseminate the complete traditional science of yoga through daily classes, workshops worldwide, and his Life of a Yogi Teacher Certification programs at the Dharma Yoga Center. Learn more at

Dharma Yoga: A Course in Self-Realization
Dharma Mittra - Course ID: AFMITT

Friday, January 16 — 9:00am - 4:30pm
Friday All-Day Intensives
Mixed Levels

Experience a broad selection of the best, easiest, and most efficient breathing techniques, mantras, purification techniques, postures, devotion, meditation, deep-healing relaxation, esoteric yogic knowledge, and an amazing Asana Satsang Jam (postures combined with intense chanting and surrender). We'll cover other essential topics, including yoga's ethical rules and yogic observances and surrendering the ego or will to the Almighty One. Exposure to this essential knowledge will dispel impurities, ignorance, and, eventually, all doubt from the mind.

Includes postures, meditation, lecture, Yoga Nidra, chanting, and breathing exercises.

Master Class in Dharma Yoga
Dharma Mittra - Course ID: M1MITT

Saturday, January 17 — 8:00am - 10:00am
Weekend Classes
Mixed Levels

An ideal yogic blend of practices guaranteed to yield instant psychic energy. Learn ancient techniques directly from one who has mastered and disseminated them for almost half a century. You'll have a chance to experience a broad selection of the best, easiest, and most efficient of the breathing techniques (pranayama), mantras, kriyas (purification techniques), postures (asana), bhakti (devotion), meditation, deep relaxation, and esoteric yogic knowledge.

Mostly asana.

Divine Purification and Savasana Meditation
Dharma Mittra - Course ID: M3MITT

Saturday, January 17 — 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Weekend Classes
Mixed Levels

Come discover esoteric techniques to relax, purify, charge, and normalize the entire system. Occasionally, these techniques will result in the loss of all material consciousness, where thoughts can then become powerful and creative. Realize by direct experience that you are not the body and not the mind. During the process, you'll gradually be guided to enter the Sacred Chamber of the Inmost Self, which is equivalent to two to four hours of deep sleep. Come and experience the complete release of death without dying.

Including Yoga Nidra, meditation, lecture, and breathing exercises.

Maha Shakti
Dharma Mittra - Course ID: M4MITT

Sunday, January 18 — 8:00am - 10:00am
Weekend Classes
Mixed Levels

This class will present you with an easy yogic blend of practices designed to yield instant psychic energy. Experience a special and powerful combination of breathing exercises, mantras, postures, meditation, and deep relaxation. This unique combination will have the net effect of revitalizing your entire system and preparing you to stand supreme in the face of anything life throws at you.

Mostly asana.