JAN 15-18, 2016
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Yoga Conference

Giselle Mari is a teacher with spunk, spirit, and depth. Her light-hearted but comprehensive teaching style weaves yogic philosophy, Sanskrit, anatomy, skillful hands-on assists, funky eclectic music, and tons of fun. Her offerings are not only designed to make you move, sweat, reflect and elevate but to ignite and restore connection to your essence, inspire spiritual activation and connect to the power of our humanity. A global yoga teacher based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she’s graced the covers of Yoga Journal (U.S and Japan) and Yoga International Magazine as well as appearing in many of their articles. She’s also featured in both Kathryn Budig’s book Women’s Health: The Big Book of Yoga and Linda Sparrowe’s Yoga at Home. She’s written for Origin & Mantra Magazine and Yoga Journal, serves on the advisory board for The Art of Yoga Project and is a teacher on YogaGlo. Learn more at

Hot, Hip, and Holy
Giselle Mari - Course ID: EVMARI

Friday, January 15 — 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Friday Evening Classes
Mixed Levels

Are you ready to lose your mind and be free? Accessing modern-day mantra, asana, and wisdom, we'll go on a unique spiritual journey that will crack your heart wide open and inspire you to realize your highest potential. Prepare yourself for a vigorous practice replete with classic Jivamukti sequences that will tap into your past, present, future, and your wild side. If you want to expand your mind, heart, and soul and are interested in letting go, this class is for you. *Possible Side Effects: Spontaneous Enlightenment.

Mostly asana.

Fire in the Soul
Giselle Mari - Course ID: M6MARI

Sunday, January 17 — 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Weekend Classes
Mixed Levels

For complete spinal health and flexibility, twisting movements are integral to our yoga practice. This action also balances and harmonizes our bodies as it brings us back to the very basis of life on earth--DNA. Taping into this internal spiral coding helps us achieve a new level of understanding and our connection to this larger web of life. Let’s awaken our organs and lymphatic system and get our twist on.

**This class has been approved by American Council on Exercise (ACE) for 0.2 CECs.**

Mostly asana.

Awakening to Your Life Through the Chakra System
Giselle Mari - Course ID: AMMARI

Monday, January 18 — 9:00am - 4:30pm
Monday Full-Day Workshops
Mixed Levels

Are you ready to revitalize yourself, your practice, and your life? Through the powerful energetic system of the chakras, we'll explore these components and more. Using asana, mantra, lecture, contemplative journaling, and meditation, we'll address the possible root causes of mental, emotional, and physical challenges that keep us from a meaningful, empowered life. Be prepared for sweat, tears, plenty of laughter, and heaps of compassion as we journey together to awaken to our life's purpose.

What to bring: A blanket and a journal.
Lecture, asana, meditation, and journal writing.